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My Photography 

Photography Collections Preservation Project


I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked on Shawn Walker’s collection. Every photography gave me a glimpse into the history of Harlem and the evolution of Shawn Walker as an artist. Seeing hundreds of photographs hidden away in boxes, reminded me everyday how important finding a new home for this collection was. My role as an intern for PCPP involved taking on various tasks throughout my six months on the team. I got the chance to create questions and interviewed Shawn Walker on his life and art and transcribed our discussion. A lot of my time was spent cataloguing Walker’s work and researching art institutions that would be interested in housing his work. The process of cataloguing involved photographing every photograph in Walker's collection and inputting any information linked to the photo into a database. My research efforts culminated into an inventory of institutions that PCPP could work with in the future. I also created blog posts for PCPP's website covering various topics, which all centered around the accessibility of museum archives to the general public. Working on the collection has inspired me to learn more about the intersection between art and identity. As of Feb 2020, the Library of Congress acquired Shawn Walker’s collection.

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